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our mission

Art Time Presents is a home for artists across all art mediums who identify as women, non-binary, transgender, or gender-non-conforming.

our values

Highlighting Voices of Underrepresented Gender Identities 

while cisgender men are welcome to participate and support our community at events, those gender identities listed above will always be uplifted first and foremost at Art Time Presents.

Commitment to Upholding an Anti-Racist Community Space

here at Art Time Presents we have always strived to create an accepting and anti-racist environment. we acknowledge we have a duty to actively commit and practice anti-racist values in each of our programs and services.

Commitment to Accessibility

we are committed to making sure all in-person program locations are ADA accessible, such as our Thymele Arts location. we will always answer any other accessibility needs to the best of our ability, such as ASL interpretation, language translation, etc.

what we do


for collaboration and community building. We host a monthly art collective, Art Time, a community where artists can share and create new work through different themes each month.



new musical theater, plays, sketch, improv, comics, music, visual art, and other mediums by underrepresented gender identities. 



new work produced by the collective and provide a home for women, non-binary, transgender, and gender-non-conforming artists to play and explore with their own projects.



to adding a distinct voice to the artistic landscape in Los Angeles and beyond through dynamic live performance and other forms of art specifically helmed by women and non-binary, transgender, and gender-non-conforming artists.

Art Time Presents is a project of Fulcrum Arts’ Emerge fiscal sponsorship program. 

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Are you a nonprofit?

The short answer is no - but we function very much like one, as we can accept tax-deductible donations. We are a fiscally sponsored organization of Fulcrum Arts, which is a 501c3 nonprofit.

What's a fiscal sponsor?

As we are getting on our feet as an organization, we can use Fulcrum Arts' nonprofit status to accept tax-deductible donations and apply for grants. Fulcrum Arts also handles all of our financial reporting. Eventually, if this model proves successful, we would love to apply for our own 501c3.

Why 'Art Time Presents'?

In 2015, co-founder Hayley McClintock began a monthly Art Collective in Los Angeles known as "Art Time with Hayley McClintock." That same year, Madelyne Heyman and Becker Grumet began writing their first musical that Hayley would go on to stage manage. The three began collaborating both through Art Time and various stage productions, and almost 4 years later, combined both the monthly Art Time Collective events and live performance into "Art Time Presents."

What kind of art do you make?

We produce new works across all art mediums by women, non-binary, and/or trans/gender-nonconforming artists. We also host monthly Collective events open to all that explore a theme, allowing anyone to explore, create, and share in a new medium or familiar medium. Past Collective themes have included screenprinting, cross-stitch, candle-making, watercolor painting, greeting card making, stand-up comedy, storytelling, collaging, and so much more.

Can I still come to an event if I'm a cisgender man?

Yes, with the exception of our writing group and specific events where it will be stated. But please respect for regular events that Art Time Presents is a space that uplifts the voices of women, non-binary, and tgnc folks.

Can an individual artist or organization partner with you?

Yes! We have had extremely successful partnerships with others. Please fill out this submission form for a collaboration and we will respond as quickly as possible.

How are you connected to Thymele Arts?

The funds we raise help us rent affordable space at Thymele Arts, an arts incubator in the East Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Thymele Arts is our office space, meeting space, rehearsal space, and event space. EDIT: During the pandemic, Thymele has been closed for public events and we have temporarily moved out. We hope to return soon!

How can I support you?

Donate! All donations to Art Time Presents are tax-deductible. We also have an Amazon wishlist of supplies, and merch! Volunteer! Drop us a line at to see how you can volunteer. Follow us on Instagram @arttimepresents.

Contact Us

Becker Grumet (they/them)

Producing Director

Produces all events, manages grants

and partnerships.



Hayley McClintock (she/her)

Program Director - Collective

Directs monthly Collective programming, event production design, and social media.



Madelyne Heyman 


Program Director -


Directs performance events and finances. 


Weed Shop Review

Ryan Luevano reviews the October 2019 run of Art Time Presents' Weed Shop the Musical.

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