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  • Are you a nonprofit?
    The short answer is no - but we function very much like one, as we can accept tax-deductible donations. We are a fiscally sponsored organization of Fulcrum Arts, which is a 501c3 nonprofit.
  • What's a fiscal sponsor?
    As we are getting on our feet as an organization, we can use Fulcrum Arts' nonprofit status to accept tax-deductible donations and apply for grants. Fulcrum Arts also handles all of our financial reporting. Eventually, if this model proves successful, we would love to apply for our own 501c3.
  • Why 'Art Time Presents'?
    In 2015, co-founder Hayley McClintock began a monthly Art Collective in Los Angeles known as "Art Time with Hayley McClintock." That same year, Madelyne Heyman and Becker Grumet began writing their first musical that Hayley would go on to stage manage. The three began collaborating both through Art Time and various stage productions, and almost 4 years later, combined both the monthly Art Time Collective events and live performance into "Art Time Presents."
  • What kind of art do you make?
    We create and support work from gender expansive artists across all mediums. We also host Collective events open to all that explore a theme, allowing anyone to explore, create, and share in a new medium or familiar medium. Past Collective themes have included screenprinting, cross-stitch, candle-making, watercolor painting, greeting card making, stand-up comedy, storytelling, collaging, and so much more.
  • Can I still come to an event if I'm a cisgender?
    Yes, with the exception of specific events where it will be stated. But please respect for regular events that Art Time Presents is a space that uplifts the voices of gender expansive artists.
  • Can an individual artist or organization partner with you?
    Yes! We have had extremely successful partnerships with others. Please fill out this submission form for a collaboration and we will respond as quickly as possible.
  • How can I support you?
    Donate! All donations to Art Time Presents are tax-deductible. We also have an Amazon wishlist of supplies. Volunteer! Drop us a line at to see how you can volunteer. Follow us on Instagram @arttimepresents.
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